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22 December 2005 - E. Rutherford, NJ, USA Concert Review 30 December 2005
Solid performance

A review by MattNJ

As always, the band sounded great, got the crowd involved and were very energetic.

I have to be honest on a couple of aspects though - the setlist they have used has basically been the same throughout the tour so far, with small, small changes from night to night, and for the 3 NJ shows, this was no different. They did play for over 2 1/2 hours on Wednesday and Thursday which is the longest i have ever seen them play, but the songs, and order of them, were predictable.

I hope they put Lay Your Hands On Me (original version) back in the setlist for the sumemr run as they didn't play this for the Bounce tour either. I would also like to hear Everyday (played on Monday but not on the other 2 nights - surprised this has been left out of some shows on the tour). I know In and Out of Love was only a minor hit, but it would be good to hear at least one more song from pre-Slippery When Wet days.

The 3 songs performed from This Left Feels Right: last time i checked, this is the Have a Nice Day Tour, not the TLFR tour (which there was none and for good reason). I understand the need to mix things up as the band has played these songs countless times, but to sing I'll Be There for You and Blaze of Glory in a version different from the original took the crowd out of it a bit - those are classic Bon Jovi (Jon) sing-a-long songs that were missing something as it was apparent when the crowd couldn't get into it as much as they would have had the original versions been sung.

Still a really good show, but i'm looking for that absolutely, undeniable "great" show one of these days.

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