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15 January 2006 - Dallas, TX, USA Concert Review 20 January 2006
True BJ Fan???

A review by Steve

I was with Bart at the Dallas, TX Bon Jovi Show. We are both true fans of the band and have been since they first hit MTV when we were kids. We always make it a point to see Jovi when they are in town. Since Jovi are the soundtrack of our lives it only makes sense for us to go and see the boys from Jersey. However, just because you are a true fan of the band doesn't mean you have to like every single song that they put out. If you someone thinks "Last Man Standing" is a hit and is just as good as "It's My Life," which is a better version of "Have a Nice Day" with similar drum parts, then so be it.

The show was good, so don't get me wrong. But, as true fans of the band we have standards. There was no reason why the Southside Johnny guys should have been there. NONE. You know that Jon made that "dictator" type decision and the rest of the guys were forced to go along with it. There were many great innovative things about the show with the Jon starting out away form the main stage, the crowd coming up to the sides of the stage, and so forth. You can say all you want about how good the show was. But let's look at the facts:

* Richie never went over to the opposite side of the stage.
* Jovi is using way too many fake background vocal samples these days. Why use the sample when you have the Southside Johnny guys there to add extra voices? Several times I saw Richie and Dave stop singing mid sentence on the big screen when the vocals kept on going. And don't tell me it was Hugh doing it alone.
* The band strolled up onto the stage and there was no intro to the show
* How many copies of "This Left Feels Right" sold? Not that many compared to other Jovi albums. Why? Because those versions aren't that good. The Prayer '94 or '96 version still stands up though. They played too many of these verisons at the show.
* Ask 10 Bon Jovi fans if they were to go to a Jovi show and if they had the option of hearing "The Radio Saved My Life Tonight" over "Always," "Thank You For Loving Me," "Never Say Goodbye," "Lay Your Hands on Me," "Keep the Faith," should I keep going?
* Jon was at the best we have ever seen him. He is a star.
* David Bryan was fantastic. Would have liked to have heard "Wildflower."

The show was good, but not great. Bon Jovi is Jon, Richie, Dave, Tico, and Hugh. Not Southside Jovi.

I stand by my 7 score.

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