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10 February 2006 - Sunrise, FL, USA Concert Review 12 February 2006
18 Years as a fan...1st Bon Jovi concert...

A review by Jorge Herrera /

my first bon jovi memory dates back to 1988, when the video for born to be my baby first came out. i was hooked and have ever since been a fan. i really don't understand why a lot of people make fun of the bon jovi because the guys prove that they f*cking rock time and time again...and they did so here in ft lauderdale in a way i wasnt even expecting them to. jon's commitment to make the crowd part of the show was evident since the very beginning when he started out singing in the back of the arena and then ran up among the crowd to the stage giving eveybody hi5's.

the band was very pumped up, very tight, and everyone felt richie's situation when he sang an AMAZING version of ill b e there for you...i mean you could see it in the guy's face what he was feeling...his hands were even shaking...

the highlight for me was blood on many years listening to that awesome song and i couldnt believe it when i heard the opening notes..i sang every word to the top of my lungs...i even called friends overseas from my cel phone...

worth every penny and will see them again for sure.

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