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10 February 2006 - Sunrise, FL, USA Concert Review 13 February 2006
one more reason to be a Bon Jovi addict

A review by HRHLadyJaye /

This makes Bon Jovi show # 5 for me, and they never stop reminding me why I love them so much. I took a first timer with me along with my sister who's seen them live 6 times, and we all had an AMAZING time. The connection they have with the audience is just beyond words. We feel every ounce of energy they put into the performance and they take the energy from us and just keep getting better and better. Jon singing from the crowd was wonderful and true to the spirit of the band in general, right there in the thick of things with the fans. The "time machine" countdown to "Runaway" was like counting down to New Year's Eve, it gave me goosebumps. Everyone in the arena knew exactly what was coming and we couldn't wait to hear it. They played songs from the beginning right through to the new stuff and the crowd singing along was just magical. All of us who love the guys are feeling for Richie, and we could all feel the pain in "I'll Be There For You". I would like to think I speak for the collective Bon Jovi fan family when I say that singing along to the lines "I'll be there for you till kingdom come / like blood on blood" was more meaningful this time, it's our support for the guys just as much as their friendship with each other. I loved the two covers they did, part of "I Won't Back Down" and "Treat Her Right". It's astounding the amount of energy they still have at the end of the show, and that the crowd still has... we could have stayed all night. Thanks again, guys, for a show I'll never forget. The first timer I took along (a 15 year old) was singing all the way home, another fan for life!!! Can't wait for the next one, come back soon!!!

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