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6 March 2006 - Seattle, WA, USA Concert Review 9 March 2006

A review by JOVI1 /

You guys ROCK....I had to travel to see you again WELL WORTH IT !! I want everyone to know I have seen all the "Big Acts"... Stones U2...BON JOVI IS THE BEST !! These guys will be the next "STONES"..... thank God you will be here in 20 years....I am amazed at these guys !! I LOVE the STONES but you guys are the future PLEASE DO NOT STOP !!! THIS THE BEST SHOW EVER !! I have seen them them 4 tours and they get better every time !! YOU SAVE ROCK AND ROLL !!...I am from NASHVILLE ....PLEASE DO ANOTHER SHOW HERE ON THIS TOUR WE LOVE YOU !!! NASHVILLE !!!

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