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13 May 2006 - Düsseldorf, Germany Concert Review 18 May 2006
It struck my heart!!!

A review by Uli

I´ve been to several gigs in Germany throughout the last 15 years. I must admit that this night was one of the greatest. The whole band in perfect shape and Jon on top of them! He was in a great mood, smiling all the time and talking to the fascinated audience. It was touching when Jon said that it is always "good to be back in new Germany" and that the United Nations should come to a Bon Jovi concert in order to see people from all countries celebrating a wonderful event. The whole organisation was perfect, the sound was wonderful and there was no free seat in the arena. More than 50000 people screaming, dancing and singing. Surprisingly, all people were on their feet almost all the time - even those who had tickets for seats. A very special moment was when David started to play the piano and it took a few seconds to realize what was about to go on next. A familiar sound popped up which I had never heard live before. Yes, DRY COUNTY performed in front of a crowd going insane!! Thank you for this big surprise. Afterwards Jon said that he didn't know when they played this song live the last time. This night will never fall into oblivion!! The band started at half past eight and played for almost three hours. Along with their all-time favourites they played a few songs from their current album. Nevertheless, I don’t understand why they play CAPTAIN CRASH that often because this song is so mediocre. But the band seems to like it. They did the show without their ballads like BED OF ROSES or ALWAYS and that was a great benefit to the atmosphere. Im very grateful for having had the opportunity to be part of that hell of a show!!

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