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3 June 2006 - Glasgow, Scotland, UK Concert Review 5 June 2006

A review by marie /

This was my 3rd Bon Jovi concert and it was like the first time i went. I got there a little late by the time we got parked. The band was on their second song so i was furiously trying to run up the steps and having bad Asthma that really wasnt a good idea hahah!!

My sister got tickets for me for my 19th birthday, but she didnt make the concert as she was ill, but her friend kindly took me and we had a fab time.

I couldnt really see being 4ft10 and everyone else much taller.But that didnt really matter to me.

The atomophere was amazing.The whole place was buzzing. I dont think the band played alot of slow songs, but still its always best with the more upbet numbers and runaway was thirlling. Rise your hands got the whole place jumpimg.
When richie sang "I'll be there for you" well i had shivers.Would of loved it if richie sang "fater time" as i think that is such a beautiful song. What makes a Bon Jovi conert such a great night is that if you have any problems before you go into the concert then there soon forgotten about and nothing else matters.

I cant fault them in my mind Bon jovi are the best rock band ever, and live performers also. It would be great if they done two nights in Scotland,but atleast one is better then none.

I hope everyone who went to the concert had a great night. And thank you to nice parking assisstant who kindly gave us a great space in the car park

Thank you boys for another night that will stay with me forever.You have made me very happy

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