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3 June 2006 - Glasgow, Scotland, UK Concert Review 5 June 2006
Sunny day!

A review by paula /

The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky, 50,000 glaswegians in a good mood and me with a gold circle ticket. I have seen Bon Jovi 4 times now, and apart from the 'these days' tour, which will never ever be beaten, this was Bon Jovi at their best. Maybe it was the weather, or cos the crowd were up for it, or cos the band were totally up for it (except ritchie, who wasnt looking too good...)...i dunno, but it rocked!

I was literally, like, 10 feet from the stage...have amazing pics if anyone would like to see them. As much as I enjoyed it, I was a bit bummed that not one 'these days' song was played, since its my fave bon jovi album (and their best in my opinion). I saw one guy, just in the section behind me, with a huuge dry county poster....but no suprise that they didnt play it:(

'I'll be there for you' was just amazing...Ritchie put his all into it. I got totally carried away with the moment when the entire crowd were going 'whoa oh oh' for about 20 mins! the atmosphere during that song was just amazing. 'Wanted' was excellent too...the crowd sang the whole first chorus...the band looked totally chuffed,cos there were like 50,000 people putting their hearts and souls into singing this song. 'raise your hands' was cool too, all those people throwing their hands up in the air in sync....must have looked awesome.

However, there were a few low points...firstly, the opening could have been a lot better i think....they could have chosen a better song. and finishing with 'someday i'll be saturday night' was a bit disappointing. The crowd seemed to think that they wouldnt possibly finish with that and hung around for ages thinking they were coming back on. and...they went to the trouble of putting the big walkway thing in the stadium for it to be used only twice during the whole gig..seemed a bit pointless to me.

But, all in all, an excellent gig. much, much better than the previous 2 gigs in glasgow. Cant wait to see them again...whenever that may be:)

Bon Jovi forever!

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