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3 June 2006 - Glasgow, Scotland, UK Concert Review 5 June 2006
Oh Dear

A review by Alex /

I went to my first bon jovi on saturday and i have to say, it was amazing. As i'm 13, i went with my mam and she has been following bon jovi for 20 years, and she said she was disspaointed. The music, which i have to agree with, was far too quiet-the band were very good though. We were excited to see their support band - nickelback - which are one of my favourite bands aswell, but, we missed them due to the fact that they were on at 6:15!!! We expected to see them start thier little perfomance at around 7:30 but i guess not. Bon Jovi were on at 8:00 which was far too early, as we expected them to be on at 9:00 at the earliest. I suppose it was the stadiums fault for the sound and the times but i think they could've done something about it. The one thing i enjoyed most was that we saw the bands jet land at glasgow international and we saw jon, david, tico and richie in the cars and jon waved at us :) that made my day so thanks jon :D! I hope you've still got enough in you to have another tour, so maybe we can go to a louder stadium!!!! All the best, Alex

P.S You did rock though!
P.P.S Tico you are a true legend on drums and jon, david and richie you are all amazing too, but tico, i hope i can be half the drummer you are when im older:D

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