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11 June 2006 - Milton Keynes, UK Concert Review 12 June 2006
Faith kept ???

A review by The Don /

Now...after a majorly dissapointing night last night, I was not looking forward to this gig...

I got there when Nickelback were on who in my opinion are a really good live act, not really what I'm into but no complaints at all. Missed Spin but thought they were ok yesterday (apart from the sound).

Stood in roughly the same place as last night...

Intro music started which was different to last night - saw Richie come onstage in a UK police hat...thought that showed the humour was back and then Jon came out breaking into Rockin in the Free World...much better start...although thought they should of started with one of their own instead of opening with the same track as they did on the 2nd day of MK Bowl in 96.

Straight into Bad Name & Streets....Now this is what a Jovi is like...the energy was there...the sound was mixed properly, the majority of th set was different to last night....classics still there but none of this lame boys are back in town lark...proper Jovi stuff...what I'd came to see !!!!

Same length set as last night, 2 hours 40 ish....Jon was on much better form...mentioned Wembley again but camera kept showing a sign on screen saying "f**k Wembley" and everyone cheered...don't think the band knew that.

Songs were faster, not as fast as originals but better than yesterday, lots of crowd involvement...This was back to how its been everytime I have seen them

I txt my girlfriend saying she should of been there as this was 10 times better than yesterday...

I have a big feeling that Jovi will open Wembley next year & I will be there if thats the case.

Today was a rating of 9/10 - great sound & it looked like the passion was there again instead of it being a tiring 2 hr 40 minute job !!!!

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