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11 June 2006 - Milton Keynes, UK Concert Review 13 June 2006
bl**dy smart

A review by lizzie hatch /

After spending 3 hours on a coach (with no air conditioning) and a 5 hour (ish) wait in that heat yesterday, Noboby was more relived than I was when (in my opinon) the greatest band ever descended onto the stage.... They opened with "rockin in the free world" Not my choice of opening song but hey I'm not a expert!!! and straight into bad name cool!!!!!!!!!! The Band rocked and the crowd soon got into it.
But the highlight for me was "Always". This was my 3rd Bon Jovi concert and I've always managed to pick the wrong gig and miss out on this track until last night!!!! I am not ashamed to say the tears fell................... I would love to have heard "bed of roses" What a track but I suppose they cant play everything.
What a amazing night although I thought Jon (god ) looked washed out, tired, and not quite his usual self. But still AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many thanks for a wonderful evening and here's to Wembley in 2007............................................

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