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11 June 2006 - Milton Keynes, UK Concert Review 14 June 2006
most excellent

A review by sal

I’ve been a fan of Bon Jovi since slippery when wet came out but this was the first time I saw them live, and it was amazing. First time I was at the MK bowl as well, but have mixed feelings about the venue. We got there at 4ish and initially were right at the top of the mound at the back. The sound was fine there, but it seemed to be lacking some of the atmosphere. Throughout the gig we kept moving forward, ending up on the right side of the stage, some way back though, for the last 10 songs or so where the crowd was much more lively!

The set list was excellent, although at times it seemed like the younger fans weren’t aware of the old stuff and the older fans didn’t know the new songs! But EVERYONE sang along to Livin’ on a prayer. Nickleback were excellent too….

Richie on I’ll be there….
Bad medicine, especially the “I’m not done” and when it started up again
Wanted dead or alive –
“Blood on blood”…haven’t heard that song in 15 years!
Livin on a prayer (obviously)
Energy of the band…they all seemed to be well up for it…
And best of all….”born to be my baby” – I’ve been playing bon jovi in the car for 3 weeks and my 3 year old daughter sings along to that in the car…. I rang home and held the phone up so she could hear…she is still going on about it 3 days later!

Usual MK venue moans….would it hurt them to put a few lights up outside the gates?....£4.50 “burgers”…M1 etc…

I now feel gutted that I didn’t go see them on their previous tours…but will definitely be going next time they come

So hurry back boys…I’ve got a 3 year old waiting to come along and rock…

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