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11 June 2006 - Milton Keynes, UK Concert Review 18 June 2006
Superb Show

A review by Joe /

There is no doubt in my mind that this was an amazing show, I saw them at Hyde Park last tour and that was special but this was surprisingly even better! The sound was amazing, the stage n screen great...what a night. Only the layout of the bowl could have made it better, because of the camera towers there was an empty strip down the middle, and unlike hyde park there were enforced spaces which made it harder to get involved with the crowd but we moved forward after a few numbers to where it was more lively and it was fab. The intensity and attitude of the band was great. Here's my opinion on the set

Rockin in the free world - 7/10 Was expecting lms so this was a gr8 start as i think its more suited to opening concert, jus which more people knew it

Bad Name - 7/10 Always gr8 and one of the well-known ones that gets everyone singin n clappin

Wild In The Streets - 8/10 Yup they nailed it, love the guitar n piano solo's jus wish id been in the thick of the crowd for it

Cap. Crash - 6/10 Good but bad placing in set, at hyde park came at the end when every1 was well into concert so swayed there arms, here only the gc seemed to, c'mon people!

Born To Be My Baby - 8/10 sounded gr8, nah na nah nah na

Story of my life - 7/10 Pretty good, loved the bit in the middle when the piano dominated, at this point moved forward and finally got lively!

Bounce - 8/10 Much better than hyde park when they opened with it and it didnt sound that gr8, much tighter tonight

Sleep - 8/10 Gr8 got me clappin away and some friends who r casual fans enjoyed the dancing in the streets snippet

Runaway - 9/10 Time machine - what a shout! Johnny boy songs like this did make u a rock star

Just Older - 6/10 I like it on the record but wasnt as good as the previous couple

In These Arms - 8/10 Excelent, proves dave should sing more and the piano and guitars combined beautifully

Have a nice day - 8/10 I did, love the energy of this song

Who Says - 7/10 Crowd enjoyed and those people on the big screens wiv the 'its alright' posters were funny!

Its My Life 7/10 - Quite energetic, better at hyde, casual fans loved it

Bells - 6/10 - Good, enjoyed the screen for it but not enough people knew the song around me

Always - 8/10 Of course the electric version would have been better but jus to hear was incredible and the lyrics touched the crowd as always

ill be there for you 9/10 Wow richie what a voice, deep, rough bluesy and i love the crowd singing at the end 'woooo'

Everyday - 8/10 - Sounded much better than hyde, the sound was thighter and the intro funky, thumbs up

Bad Medicine w/Shout - 10/10 - My only 10 cos it waz incredible. I had wanted to hear gloria cos they did shout last time i saw em but jon's energy for the song lifted the crowd and when he finally broke into shout everyone went wild

Raise Your Hands - 8/10 Solid

Prayer - 9/10 - Superb song, superbly performed by band and crowd alike

The encores were good but never retained the energy the last 3 songs gave the night and crowd they were superb. I love 'these days' and wished they played more stuff but it wasnt that gr8 2nite but 'Keep the faith' was really good cos Jon gave it his all and the band supported it, which is all they need do to make it a great night. I loved it!

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