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12 July 2000 - Tokyo, Japan Concert Review 29 August 2006
Lay off the negativity...These are my heroes, they rocked!

A review by Lover

This was my first Bon Jovi show ever...and I have always heard good things about their live show. All of what I heard was an understatement because it was one of the BEST shows I have ever seen. Jon really interacts with the audience...I mean, how many musicians actually play IN the audience? To me, that was so amazing. Richie didn't show signs of pain at all considering his divorce...I didn't even know until the day after. I also couldn't tell Jon was ill. I think you people are over-analyzing their personal situations too much. Jon was a little under the weather, and people make it out like he looked like a zombie...I couldn't tell, and I was considerably close. He didn't fall over or walk off after 5 songs because he was too weak. GIVE THE MAN A BREAK! so what if he wasn't feeling well, at least he gave us all he could. I'd like to see some people who complained about the show do what they do every night and try to put on a show when you are sick. I thought the set list was awesome "Radio" and "IN these arms" are two of my favorites so I was excited to hear those. If he was sick, he had every right to shorten the list a little so he didn't become worse or pass out. and the show WAS quite long..20+ songs is a lot. And they aren't 25 carry on that long is spectacular. People need to realize they are people and people get sick and have off nights. I thought it was an amazing show and I have never seen better, I have been jaded ever since I saw them. BTW, Jon looked gorgeous, and if he looked "sick" and "tired" like everyone is saying...well, sick and tired works for him!

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