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19 August 2000 - London, UK Concert Review 7 January 2007
So Long Wembley

A review by James

I know it was ages ago but i can still vaguely remeber it!

Twas my first ever gig (let alone jovi) and i was only 9. I remeber getting there and standing in the queue at turnstile C, pressuring my parents for the lyric book and the obligitory tour t-shirt.
When the gates opened ours were a bit late but who cares - we saw the show. Then we made our way to the seats sitting right at the back - could see fine (thank god for big screens LOL)

When the screens turned on to show the band walking to the stage the place erupted, unexpected start with London Calling, but then got on with Prayer and Bad Name. Memorable highlights include lay your hands on me, faith and its my life.

It may have been almost 7 years ago now - but you never forget your first gig, and it is a crime to forget about any jovi gig!

See ya - bring on Lost Highways - 2nd April counting down

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