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31 March 2008 - Denver, CO, USA Concert Review 21 June 2008
Not so thrilled

A review by choclady

It certainly wasn't the best BJ show I have been to (because seriously, what could ever top the 2003 Kiel show?), but it wasn't bad either. I should probably mention that I havent read any of the setlists prior to the Denver show, nor had I read any reviews from this tour. I also dont own the new album. So everything was pretty much a surprise...
Now my thoughts:

1. Lost Highway
- IMO not a great way to start the concert. This song is too slow, plus I am not particularly fond of the new album. But oh well...

2. Born To Be My Baby
-fun! but the american audience is sooooo different from the european ones i have seen so far! our beloved nananananana part didnt extend at the end and that felt kind of weird. nor were too many people singing along it

3. You Give Love A Bad Name
-what can i say? this song is always fun

4. Raise Your Hands
-love this song, brought back memories of the Kiel show

5. Runaway
-fun, rocking! i might be mistaken but i think richie messed up during the guitar solo....

6. I Love This Town
-wtf? sooo boring. the only fun thing about this song were the videos in the background

7. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead / Jumpin' Jack Flash / Dancin' In The Streets
-sleep when i'm dead was fun, but the jumpin jack flash thing is getting a little old. still, it got people around me to finally start moving a little bit. not a huge fan of dancin in the streets, but it went down well with the audience

8. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (acoustic)
-very nice surprise & sounded good

9. Blaze Of Glory
-YES! awesome awesome awesome! reminded me of the erfurt show with mike back in the day ;)

10. Miss Fourth Of July
11. Whole Lot Of Leavin'
12. Summertime
-i wish they would have left these three songs out. this was so boring and took all the energy away from the show

13. We Got It Goin' On
-never heard this one before. it was fun. liked the videos in the back and the stage set-up for this song

14. It's My Life
-always a safe tune...goes down well with the audience and finally everyone moved again

15. Bad Medicine
-one of these songs were i wished i would have been closer to the stage to see richies facial expressions. the videos to this song must have pleased a lot of guys at the show

16. These Days (Richie Sambora on lead vocals)
-OMG what can i say??!! i commented to my friend earlier that i wish they would play these days but that i was pretty sure they wouldnt because its not really a favourite of the american audiences. so i was completely in shock when the tunes to it came on and this was the only point in the show where i actually had tears in my eyes. not only is this my favourite song, but to hear richie sing it made everything even better!

17. (You Want To) Make A Memory

18. I'll Be There For You
-great song, richie and jon were both singing this while standing in the audience! jon seemed very worn out though and richie ended up singing the high notes while jon concentrated on ...err...touching the ladies

19. Bed Of Roses (This Left Feels Right version)
-possibly the worst version of the song i have ever heard. it wasnt even the TLFR was some unrecognizable style medley

20. Who Says You Can't Go Home
-catchy tune, but nothing great. and during the "its alright" part there were no banners going up only two very small flags: one american and one japanese

21. Have A Nice Day
-again, not one of my favs but good enough to get the crowd going

22. Keep The Faith
-awesome song, so glad they played it. but it was too short! would have preferred the longer jungle scream version ;)

23. Livin' On A Prayer
-the audience went CRAZY! i have never seen an audience freak out this much during this song.

24. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night
-yay! i was hoping this would get played because it was a monday

25. Wanted Dead Or Alive
-best song to end the show!
(too bad the audience was to stupid to sing the first verse by themselves )

I guess America is not

p.s. Daughtry were really good!

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