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17 May 2001 - Ottawa, ON, Canada Concert Review 19 May 2001
Wow, these guys are amazing!

A review by Jonspants /

Oh my God! Bon Jovi knows how to rock it baby! Yeah! I was lucky eough to get first level, row o, and these guys know how to rock a crowd form start to finish. I particularly loved it when Jon and Richie sang a short version of Elvis Presely's classic "I can't help falling in love with you". DAMN THESE GUYS HAVE THE BEST VOICES IN ROCK MUSIC, THEY DEFINE ROCK, AND AS A BONUS, LOOK SO FRIGGIN GOOD DOIN' IT TOO! Anyone saying that Bon Jovi don't look or sound as good as they used to are wrong, wrong, WRONG! Something funny: When Jon came up to our side of the stage, a girl threw a bra at him! LOL! He just looked at it for a second, looked at the girl with this cute little smirk on his face, and threw it behind him backstage! It was sooo cute when he danced with a girl from the front row! I wish that were me! My voice and hearing will never be the same again. Was it worth the money! Every penny.

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