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17 May 2001 - Ottawa, ON, Canada Concert Review 19 May 2001
BON JOVI ROCKED BABY!........and a message for "true fan"

A review by Rita /

Bon Jovi totally rocked in Ottawa last night! This was my third BJ concert this year and so far the best. It was a great combination of classic Bon Jovi songs and the new stuff. To everyone going to Toronto-Molson Amphitheatre in July...I'll see you there.

Always Faithful,

To "True Fan":
I just have a comment on your review "Jon....a sell out?".
I love all those songs from the New Jersey album also but it's the "one wild night tour" not the "New Jersey tour". Bon Jovi played "born to be my baby", "bad medicine", "I'll be there for you" and "lay your hands on me" from that album which I found to be quite satisfying. There's only so many songs he can play from a 1988 album in the year 2001, especially since the band has made so many other great albums. They're not a "sell out", just staying on top of the game. Just the way I see it, but feel free to contact me or comment.


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