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17 May 2001 - Ottawa, ON, Canada Concert Review 21 May 2001
Even the best can have an off night...

A review by Stonecold /

First off, the setlist contains an error. They played Saturday Night right after Bed of Roses.

For a band that plays a show every 2 nights, you can't expect them to give 150% all the time. I guess we get a little greedy and always expect OUR show to be the best one...

I saw them in Montreal in November and found them to be holding back a little on the energy, and I agree that some songs are being played a little slower than they were in the last 12 BJ concerts I've seen in the past 10 years... But look at the grueling schedule these guys have and it's a miracle he can still sing.

Some new hits like Capt Crash and TY For Loving Me were missing, as was the new version of Runaway, but... The show went without a hitch and all around me agreed that it was a great concert given by some amazing professionals... (See Quebec Concert for my review as well)

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