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20 May 2001 - Albany, NY, USA Concert Review 21 May 2001
I'll give it a grade of B+

A review by Lee /

Overall, last night's show was a good one. There were a couple of things I didn't like, but there were a lot more positives. They are...

SR71 - I don't know what they were playing other than the ACDC song - but it was loud & sounded good. Since it was their last night on the tour, the roadies came onstage during their set, sat a table & messed with the band. They were actually sweeping the stage while the band was playing, and they put towels over the drums in the middle of a song, forcing the drummer to throw them off without missing a beat.

The first four songs - Awesome - kept the joint jumping from the moment the lights went down.

Organ trouble - Dave Bryan's equipment failure led to what seemed like an impromptu acoustic Never Say Goodbye. I've seen Bon Jovi several times & that's the first time I've heard that song acoustic. The high point of the concert, and they followed it with a semi-acoustic Blood on Blood.

In These Arms - The guys throw a bone to the fans who know more than just the hit singles.

A couple negatives (to me)...

I Got The Girl - I may be in the minority, but this song doesn't do much for me & it seemed to kill some of the energy generated by the first four songs.

Dopey psuedo-fans - I guess I can't blame this on the band, but their popularity attracts some people who don't seem to know they've stumbled across a rock concert. My seats were in front of a luxury box, and I had a guy tap me on the shoulder during Prayer & tell me if we didn't sit down he was going to call security. He actually told me he paid a lot to sit in the box and he expected us (and apparently the whole arena) to get out of his way. My advice -next time save your money for the symphony.

Only one encore! - Since this was the last show of the American tour for a while, I figured we'd either get more of a show or less of one. Unfortunately, the boys decided to pack it in a little early & ended with Wanted.

Despite the minor annoyances, a good time was had by all. Looking forward to the next time they come to town!

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