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20 May 2001 - Albany, NY, USA Concert Review 23 May 2001
Bon Jovi Rocks

A review by Ronette Malone /

This show was fantastic. The only down side was that it ended early. When you are having so much fun you want it to go on forever! The band came out of the elevator on their set and the fans went wild.

Everybody was screaming, dancing and waving their arms in the air. I don't remember many details but I know I was on my feet ALL night. I never sat down. One thing I do remeber (how can anyone forget) was the fact that three girls wrote the word T H A N K S on their but cheeks and then mooned the camera! Their rosy red cheeks were on the big screen for at least a minute. Jon and Richie were laughing so hard they couldn't sing. They tried but the laughter kept breaking through.

They started to play Lay Your Hands on Me but the organ broke and they had to do some acoustic songs. I think it was a blessing because we got to hear some stuff they haven't been playing and Jon's voice sounded so good. He wasn't flustered at all, just asked for his acoustic and started playing. Bon Jovi is such a great live band and the ticket price is worth every penny.

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