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3 June 2001 - Werchter, Belgium Concert Review 4 June 2001


What can I say about last night except that it was one I will never forget ? It was my second gig of BON JOVI (Oostende 2000) and they were both great.

During the support acts (Fred and the Healers ??? and Mel C)
it was windy and it was raining but half an hour before
BON JOVI started the clouds went away.

The video of the boys in the elevator of the "Empire State
Building" was fantastic. They came down, the elevator doors did "ping" and there they were while we were listening to the intro of One Wild Night. After that moment, the boys rocked for about 2 hours (not a single
ballad), the setlist was great but I didn't have the time or the place (about 50-some thousand people) to write all the titles down. The fans were singing and jumping all the time, sometimes Jon let us sing a whole couplet and you could see that the Band was very impressed by that. By the second encore BON JOVI was playing Dead or Alive and suddenly there were some problems with the lights. It took
a couple of minuts to fix it, but Jon said "who needs those damned lights, we just play without them" and there were just spots on the boys.

Then they played Tequila and Twist and Shout and we knew that this was the end. They went off the stage but the crowd kept on shouting "we want more, we want more......."
so they came back for a third time for one more song "I'll be there for you". In the middle of that song all the lights went out again including the music. This was the definitive END !!!!!

See you again JON, RICHIE, TICO en DAVID and thanx for
ONE WILD NIGHT at Werchter !!!!!!!

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