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3 June 2001 - Werchter, Belgium Concert Review 4 June 2001
Eight friends had ONE WILD NIGHT in Werchter

A review by Ann /

Me and my friends (David, Lies, Dasnor, Sylvie, Marino, Katia en Nico) were allready looking out for this evening during a few weeks now and last night it was finally time to go to Werchter to have one wild night with Jon and his band. AND IT WAS ONE WILD NIGHT!!!!!

I had seen three show of the band before (including one evening in Londen) but this was the best show ever because I was there with some of my friends (for them it was there first show) and because no matter where you were standing (I'm not that big) you could see the band on the big screen in the middle of the stage.

The band played fantastic and made sure that everybody was HOT althow we were a little wet because of the rain. But the rain couldn't spoil the evening. A little while before Bon Jovi started playing it stopped raining and with there music they rocked us all!

In the beginning of the show Jon seemed to have a little problem with his pants but that was quickly fixed.

I really love the way the band thinks about how they wanna present the show to there fans. I love the fireworks during the show and at the end of the show and I also loved the set and the opening of the show where the boys stepped out of the elevator of the Empire State Building.

My friends were very impressed and some of theme are wondering if there is live after an evening with Bon Jovi. I don't need to say that when the band comes back to Belgium they will be present again.

I hope that they come back real soon so that we all can have a wild night again!!!!!!!

Afther the show we all went home and I'm sure that some of my friends dreamed about Jon and spending the evening with him and his band. Sweet dreams!!!!!

P.S.: I don't remember the setlist (almost the same as in Sweden) but I do remember that they played all there biggest hits and thats the most important thing.

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