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3 June 2001 - Werchter, Belgium Concert Review 4 June 2001
Last night was unreal, crazy and AWESOME!

A review by Michel /

Hello everybody!

Last night in Belgium was “crazy” (as Jon called it) but it was definitely ONE WILD NIGHT :-)

The stage was huge and just great (WITH FIREWORKS), the weather could have been better, but who cares anyway? ;-)

Despite the few electrical problems during the show (3 times!) it was just great. At the beginning, Jon had some problems with his pants, which looked really funny; you could see him messing around during guitar-solo’s, and he even had to get some help from someone backstage. Richie even took over the “welcome” speech (I don’t think he was supposed to, but since Jon was messing around with his pants, Richie took over). After that, when the “pants-problem” was fixed, the joked about it, and you could see Richie and Jon laughing… :-)

Like Jan said; I don’t like the way they ‘handled’ the electrical problem during “Wanted Dead or Alive”… When they got back after the electrical problem, they started the song exactly where they left it; like you hit the “pause” button on your cd for 1-2 minutes and then press play again…

During “I’ll be there for you”, I kind of liked the electrical problem :-) because the sound and lights went blank exactly during a part in the song where *everybody* was singing along, so the audience simply kept on singing. You could see that the guys liked this, cause they raised their hands and wanted people to keep on singing…

The fact that there were no ballads (except I’ll be there for you) didn’t matter; like the tour says: it was ONE WILD NIGHT… In these arms is one of my favorite songs so last night was just great.

After all; my 3rd show, and it was great, it’ll never beat my first BJ-live experience, but it was absolutely awesome.

I am looking forward to tomorrow and wednesday: TWO WILD NIGHTS in Amsterdam… Wow…

See you in Amsterdam!



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