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3 June 2001 - Werchter, Belgium Concert Review 4 June 2001
ONE cold, windy, rainy but crazy WILD NIGHT

A review by JoviVK /

Well, finally it was june 3th yesterday!!!! The big day!

And as for the wheather, 3 words : rain, cold and windy. The guys noticed it as well but we Belgians are used to that. After Fred & the Healers (never heard of them) and Mel C (well, not my favourite) it suddenly became one hot and wild night. It was my second BJconcert, but it was great!! Bon Jovi rocks!!!!!!!!! It was even better than Ostend last year, despite the technical problems. I think the first time they didn't really notice that there was a problem, but the crowd kept on waving like : hey, we can't hear you guys anymore!!, and after a minute or so it was solved. Those technical problems didn't bother me, I came for Bon Jovi and they gave us One Wild Night to remember. Any Belgian fan who missed this concert, should be dissapointed. The stage is HUGE, with 3 screens so even a little girl like me could see everything going on on stage. I had a crazy crazy night, can't wait till they come back.

Bon Jovi Rocks!!!!!!!!



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