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20 May 2001 - Albany, NY, USA Concert Review 10 June 2001
I need to straighten this out!

A review by Gal Cohen /

Let me start of with stating the fact that Bon Jovi, as a band not just Jon, gave us the best performanc ei have seen to date! They got on stage and from the first song till the very last it was a gig-like show that i have never seen from them nor expected!!! There are no words that describe such awesoem performances! Jon sang his heart and soul out, it seemed like Richie was playin solo' sthat where longer then usual and made it sound amazing! Last review i typed up was average, but i ame to another concert saying to myself, it cant be bon jovi must have been having a bad night back then, and i am happy i did get those tickets, Bon Jovi i still the same old they use dto be, Rock and Roll didnt die, and wont ever die! they will keep going and i cant wait to see them again on the next time around!

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