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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 17 June 2001
BJ Kicked Arse

A review by Matthew Long /

This was a kick arse concert. I was very surprised about how good the support acts were too. Delirious were good and Matchbox 20 really got the crowd going. However there was one tiny thing that spoilt it.

I had some stupid northern cow who did nothing but moan about how she thought Bon Jovi were crap(So why did she come to a bj concert). She was so pissed that when she danced she looked like she was having a spasm attack and she did nothing but talk all the way through the support bands. She didn't even take a breath. The thing that topped it off was when she decided to open an umbrella and more or less decapitated everyone around her. Luckily I managed to lose her otherwise I would have shoved her brolly somewhere.

Anyway back to my review. Bon Jovi came on with an amazing stage set. Then they went into One Wild Night and everyone went mental. I did notice that they weren't as loud as they usually are and I think Richie noticed there was a problem too. He quickly disappeared backstage as someone tried to hand him a guitar. He then came out to perform Bed of Roses and the sound was back to its usual loud clear self. I could tell Richie wasn't impressed about something but he obvisouly got it sorted out. The fireworks during the concert were perfectly timed to go off on certain chords which kicked arse completly. What more can I say they were excellent. Nearly three hours of excellence. Bon Jovi Rock.

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