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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 17 June 2001

A review by DI /

Someone up there was looking out for me last night...

The journey to Milton Keynes was horrific!!
I am sure many fans must have missed the start of the show or may not have made at all..

We left Heathrow at 14:30 and finally got to park at 19:30 thanks to the M1 snarl-up...we then walked for 30 mins, managed to get through the gates (where they were more concerned in releving people of their umbrellas than letting people in....)

There were still many, many people queuing behind us and caught up in the traffic...

Walked into the bowl at 8:05 and there were the boys walking out on stage...thank you god!!
I would have been absolutely gutted if we had missed this show...

I've followed the band since the early 80's and knew we were in for a treat, especially after the Wembley shows last year..and again they did not let us down...

3 hours of pure Bon Jovi excellance...the sound was great as was the set and thanks to the video screens we could see the show...getting in so late it was impossible to select a good spot...

Great to hear Raise Your Hands live, although it was maybe a bit too old to get the crowd reaction it truly deserved....

The selection of songs was refreshing...Bed of Roses, I'll be there for you and Blaze of Glory (brilliant rendition!) gave us the chance to catch our breath and enjoy the Bon Jovi ballad at it's best..

Jon was in a good mood, and we partied along to Saturday night, Just Older, Lay your hands, Bad medicine, I Got the Girl (not often done live), Capt Crash....the hits just kept coming and we loved every minute of it!

The encores completed the party atmosphere, Tequilla, Twist & Shout - JBJ was thoroughly enjoying himself and it showed!

The final song - Living on a prayer (thanks for doing the original version - the accoustic one is great but I wanted to rock!) had us all singing for one last time and it completed a superb concert...

Unforunate crush (20 mins) in trying to get out of the bowl which at one point nearly turned nasty as people were getting so frustrated at the lack of organisation or direction...but thankfully it calmed down ( people could have so easily have got hurt if it had flared up) and eventually we were allowed to get through and find our way back to the car..roads now clear and the journey took it's more normal 90 mins...home about 1:30...

Roll on next year just in case they tour again but please, please if you play Milton Keynes ask for better organisation.

A brilliant evening could so easily have been ruined by crap organising....we wait too long for you to come and play to us, but we are very patient, the last thing we need is the evening ruined by bad policing and organsiation...

Keep the faith, guys......

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