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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 17 June 2001
Bon Jovi Lay Down he Gauntlet!!

A review by SmashDragon

Ive seen just about every major band you can name, seen Bon Jovi before too, but this was something special. Backed up by a strong support (delirous will be huge in UK - and MB20 have a good sound), BJ rock the venue like no band ever has. A great set covering Slippery to Crush, covers of Sympathy for the Devil, Shout, and Tequila (Yes Jons sense on humour is alive and well!!) and all the classics made for an amazing gig. Add a sky-scraper stage set and plenty of fireworks!!! - just awesome. If you havent got a ticket just drive to Cardiff NOW!!!! and beg for one - its the best gig youll ever see!!!. If any of the Jovi guys read this (hope they do!!!)....Thanks for an amazing show, get back over here soon!!!!. Sat in a traffic jam for 2 hours afterwards - but i didnt give a dam!!!! - ONE WILD NIGHT TOUR ROCKS!!!!.

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