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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 17 June 2001
Better than Wembley!

A review by Karen /

Yes, this gig was even better than Wembley last year.
The support bands didn't do much for me. After all the rave reviews of Matchbox 20, i bought their latest album, and i was disappointed not only by that, but their Live performance. Every single song has exactly the same tempo, so you can't tell the difference from one song to the other.
I thought Delirious? were pretty good, given some decent Radio play, they could turn out to be pretty succesful.
Anyways, to the Headliners. As usual, they put on a great performance. They were all in a great mood, especially Jon, although, i have to say his taste in sunglasses are questionable - i'm glad he eventually threw them in the crowd, they were the sort of glasses Bono wears - only worse!

The atmosphere was great, it got better as the night went on and thankfully the rain stayed away.

I was thrilled they played 'Blaze of Glory' it seems ages since i've heard it live. Other highlights were 'Bad Name', 'I'll Be there for You', 'Saturday Night' and 'Keep the 'Faith. They ended the night perfectly with a great version of 'Livin on a Prayer'. This probably get the best reaction out of all of the songs - every single person singin their hearts out to probably the best song, by the best band in the world. I didn't want the night to end, but on the other hand, i don't think they could have finished it with a better song. I was quite suprised that there were no fireworks at the end - probably the first time ever?
Anyway,a fantastic time was had by all - and we didn't even have to queue to get out of the Car Park!

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