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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 17 June 2001
Seen better...

A review by Carol /

Well Milton Keynes as a venue sucks, if it had truly rained heavily yesterday, then I can visualise thousands of people slithering around in a sea of mud and the facilites for leaving the Bowl in the dark were horrendous, so much confusion and then when you finaly found your car,it took longer to get out of Milton Keynes than it did to travel down the M1 and home towards Brighton. Then on to Bonjovi who I have seen many times live. Great songs and Bonjovi in a good mood and the crowd too. However the setlist of songs was bland and uninspired, there seemed to be far too many slow songs in the middle of the concert and as much as I loved to listen to their version of Tequila and twist and shout, I would rather they had played their own music,( such as next 100 years which is an amazing rock song and from their latest album too) and rather than play some of the slow and ancient songs they could have played Thank you for loving me for the new teenybopper fans. They seemed to play something from all their albums except These Days and why do they never play Always? considering this was his ONLY No1 hit. Finally if anyone ever goes to see them at Milton Keynes again make sure no matter what your age that you get right down in the crowd and boogie because all the people standing up the hill in safety, hardly danced or sang they looked like they meant to go shopping Saturday afternoon in Central Milton Keynes and took the Bonjovi bus by mistake, they all stood round like melons and flattened the whole atmsophere, Wembley was far superior a concert last year and the acoustics were a thousand times better. The highlight of the whole evening was an incredible skyscraper stage set but seems a shame there was no fireworks to end the show.

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