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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 17 June 2001
Captain Kidd does it again!!!

A review by Craig

Well here we are, after 10 months of waiting for the guys to come back they have been and gone till the next time.
After waiting at the gates for hours, we were finally let in around 2pm. This concert I desperately wanted to get near the front so I was very happy when as I entered I got right at the front of the main standing part. We then waited for another 4 hours before we were greeted by the first support band, Delirious. It was good to see a British band playing so well and getting the crowd going, it must have been as much as a pleasure for them as it was for us fans, as they were playing in front of 65,000 of us. After Delirious had played a 30 minute set, we then had another wait for Matchbox 20. A lot of people had obviusly gone to suuport Matchbox 20 as they proved very popular with the fans. I feel that a lot of their material during the 60 minute set was pretty much the same and that none of their songs were particularly outstanding. A good choice for them to do would have been Smooth, the song that Rob Thomas did with Carlos Santana, this would have got the crowd going even more. After MB20 had finished, the time was getting closer, after 10 hours of not eating or drinking (for fear of losing pace) Bon Jovi were about to enter the stage. The elevator scene at the beginning worked well, a little similar to the entrance at Wembley, which I actually preferred. The guys opened with One Wild Night, as expected, a great hit. They continued to play all the calssics from Slippery When Wet to Crush. My enjoyment of It's My Life was slightly thwarted by a cetain bald-headed individual who had decided to push his way past us people who had been in the stadium for 6 hours. His display of mindless violence caused a girl to cry and the attention of some security who did nothing to stop him and eject him form the Bowl. Despite this, I still enjoyed the best setlist I have seen. Only the additions of Runaway, Always, Hey God and These Days could have made it any better.
Towards the end of the concert, I was becoming concerned that they were not going to play Prayer as they had usually done this towards the beginning of the other concerts. I became even more concerned as all the band came on stage to receive applause, usually signifying the end of the concerts, not this time as Jon directed the audience to sing it, who had benn anyway! They then belted out a very energetic rendition of the timeless classic. The show had it all, ballads and classic rock anthems, new & old. Captain Kidd put all his heart into it and was shattered at the end of it, only to have to do it all again the next day.
Another criticism, that has nothing to do with Bon Jovi, was the organisation of the exiting of the car parks due to the incompetance of the child stewards. It seems they went for the cheap labour rather then common sense. This led to over two hours in the car park not moving at all, and then further delays all the way to the M1 out of Milton Keynes, altogether taking 5 hours to get home for a journey that should take just over an hour, and getting home at 4.30am. This does not however spoil my memories of a fantastic day and all there is left to do is join the fan club and get even closer in the pit next time. What a fantastic day!!!

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