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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 17 June 2001
What went wrong?

A review by Jamesd /

This was the 14th time I had seen Bon Jovi, fourth time at the Milton Keynes bowl and never have I seen such a fiasco in my life!

Don't panic though - the band were great. I had gone with a cynical eye as I have become frustrated recently with their exploits;

New live album disappointment
Stagnant set list selections
Jon's growing obsession with Elvis and the gradual 'Vegas-isation' of the show

Jon was in a great mood, the crowd were great and he really worked the show. It sort of reminded me of why I fell in love with the band way back in '85.

Anyone think Richie was un-naturally quiet and subdued last night?

The main thing that spoiled the party was getting home. I had parked in a car park with a single lane entry, up a hill and far away. Got back to the car in good time to find the whole place jammed. Didn't move from 11.00pm till 12.30pm!!! Not an inch!!!!!

The other three times at the Bowl had never been a problem?
Why this time? Anyone had problems like these at other gigs there?

I only managed to escape when I did due to some nifty driving down a 70% embankment towards a lake and then scuffle back into the queue again 1000 yards down the line!

Set list was still unimaginative but they played like hereos, well, Jon did, and it raised the whole thing.


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