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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 18 June 2001
Great Gig, Nightmare Organisation

A review by Simon Moxon /

I saw the guys at Wembley last year and apart from the worst sound mix I'd ever heard at a gig, they were great. I never heard a note Richie played at Wembley and I was gutted.Last night though I was not disapointed.
From Surrey to Milton Keynes should have taken about 90 minutes, which, to the outskirts it did. However getting off the M1 was a nightmare and it just got worse.Iv'e been a cop for 16 years and have never seen such traffic chaos!
Thames Valley (More like Chad Valley!)Police made a simple operation look like an expedition to Everest. Having paid 7.00 to abandon our car in a hilly field, I was dreading heavy rain as I guarantee none of you suckers would have got out of there! Getting into the gig was no problem but it was a bit much taking 2 litre bottles of water off of people. The Bowl obviously wanted you to pay them for your liquid refresment. The support bands were much better than Wembley last year. Toploader (One hit wonders) and that other garbage were made to look crap by Delerious who showed loads of promise. I think they'll go places. Matchbox 20 were very average and the lead singer kept using 4 letter words when there were some very small kids in the crowd. Tut, Tut! Then Bon Jovi stormed the stage. Great entrance but for me 'One wild night' will never be a show opener. 'Hey God', now that's a show opening song if ever I heard one. The set was brilliant except they did'nt do 'Next 100 Years' or 'Hey God' but I suppose they could'nt play everything. Really loved 'Tequila' and Twist & Shout'. The sound was probably as good as you can get in such a gig but I thought the lighting was a bit sparse/tame. Those who complained it wasn't loud enough including me, can blame the Local Authority Enviromental Health team, situated at the back in a little tent measuring the volume. The band would have been subject to a hefty fine if they had exceeded the agreed limit. So it could have been a lot louder but for these 'Do Gooders'.
John's taste in clothing and accessories has certainly taken a tumble. Just what did he look like in those stooopid sunglasses. Man, if I had his looks I'm sure I would'nt be looking like a down and out wearing old combat trousers and, again, them sunglasses. Felt well sorry for the girls who wanted to drool over him. Never mind the show was brilliant but getting out and home, was a nightmare. Firstly the primates they employed as stewards would not let us out of the gate. Another cop I was with went to tell them that they were creating a possible Hillsborough situation with people getting crushed. They did'nt listen, but they did punch him! When we eventually got out we had the worst drive home ever! Again no sign of the local Constabulary. Travelling and organisation was a total farce but the boys were brilliant. I'll never go to the Bowl again unless it's the only UK gig they play and, I shall be writing in an official capacity to the Bowl, local cops and the M.K. Council for turning a great gig into a shambolic and potentially fatal disaster.

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