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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 18 June 2001
the worlds greatest rock band

A review by Chelsea /

Well Bonjovi just get better and better. Im 41 and have been a fan for years now, Ive seen Bonjovi a total of 17 times and can honestly say they just blow me away. I can't think of a living guitarist better than Richie, nor a frontman better than Jon, nor a band so talented who just keep churning out great records year after year. The only disappointment last night was the traffic at MK getting home. The actual concert was superb, I thought the stage set was incredible and I thought Jon looked incredibly sexy. The fans queuing up were really friendly and I didnt quite have the courage to throw myself right in at the front, considering Im a middle aged bag now , but I was singing and dancing along to every song I couldnt help myself they were so bloody fantastic. My husband and 9yr old daughter were standing beside me prepared to be bored, but after a few songs they were goin mental too... that says it all. Only Bonjovi could bring together such a wide age range as I saw last night and so friendly too. Roll on next year wherever they play I'll be there till I get my bus pass .

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