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22 August 2000 - Newcastle, UK Concert Review 24 August 2000
great show, great songs - what about the crowd?

A review by big dave /

It had been four years since i last had the chance to see the Bon jovi experience in the full, and although dissappointed by the fact that there was no concert in scotland, (as many others scots fans were) the fact that they were playing so close helped soften the blow. The band were in fine form with 'Blood on Blood', 'Just Older', 'Capt. Crash','Lay your hands on me' and 'Runaway' being particular standouts.

Bon jovi are the ultimate live rock'n'roll band and put on a show like no other band in the world can do. It is a privilege to witness and enjoy their immense talent in the flesh but while standing there I was beginning to wonder if I was in the majority. Where was the jumping about, the singing - the general enjoyment. I was about 20 metres away from the main pit and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. If you even threatened to jump up and down you were looked at as if you had two heads. At one point, the person next to me asked me to stop pushing against him - I wasn't pushing - I was standing in the middle of a stadium, watching legends perform class
ic songs, trying to enjoy myself!!!

This was the fourth time that I had seen Bon jovi - twice in Gateshead and twice in Glasgow- and the difference between the crowd is unbelievable. This is not an anti-English bias on my part - i just feel that having spent 5 hours in car yesterday travelling I have the right to show my frustration at the seeming lack of enthusiasm.
Blame it on the love of rock'n'roll if you have to!!!!!!!!!

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