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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 18 June 2001
Never again

A review by Nickolai_ii /

Well that was my third and probably final Bon Jovi concert. Dont get me wrong, they played the best I have ever seem them play. I went to Milton Keynes, 96 and Wembley last year and this time they just shadowed the last 2 I went to. I say it will probably be the last Jovi concert simply because I'm Jovied out. 3 times is enough to me, as I'm scared it will loose its appeal if I keep on going. Also the waiting and queuing took it out of us and the wait to get the shuttle bus back to the train station was stupid. People are arseholes and the organisation of the whole thing was stupid. If I ever do go to another Jovi concert,
a) I wont stand through all the support bands (cos they were shite, and b) I will go to a seated venue. Thanx anyways boys! You rocked (as usual) the best I have ever seen ya, but the venue ruined any chances of me going again.

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