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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 18 June 2001
wow wow wow

A review by whoaa whoaaa

that was my frist bon jovi concert, which was near a good 8yrs in the making!!! Most definately greatest night of my life, richie was just phenomenal, jon was perfect, tico was crayz on the drums, david was havinga greta time and hugh smiled a few times!! hehe

OWN - brilliant start, loved the entarnce too! i think some ppl were expecting the 2001 version, but i prefer the original, so i wasnt complaining. This wasnt as loud as i expected, in volume, thankfully our hero richie headed backstage and sorted it out, so great start then... 9/10

raise yr hands - oh yeah, this really rocked, not many ppl recognised the osund staright away but al he 'older' afns did! every1 raised their hands and went wild to this, the boys gave it their all, a very polished song....9/10

u give love a bad name - thsi wasone of the best tracks on eh concert, they really blew the crowd away with this. richie's solo was awesome and they really had alot of hmph with this one..10/10

in these arms - i personal wish of mine this was, my girl's favoruite too, so they HAD to play it!! and they playe dit brillaintly, either tho i still htink it as more of a ballad then a rock song, its a bit of both...they played this very very well, brilliant stuff....9/10

its my life - whoaa song,powerful, explosive, it really was brialliant, the crowd sung each and very word...10/10

born to be my bay - yeah briallint song, really uptempo, i really did enjoy thsi song, handt herad it in ages...i htink richie went to have a glass of water during this one, and put some gum in his mouth!! hehe...really was powerul this, especially with every1 singing 'na na na na' at the start!..9/10

bed of roses - ahhhhhhhhhh...loved the piano start, really was agreta performance, really pulle dthe heartstrings...either hto, and im sorry, but that woman who came on stage was just too funny, how could any girls be jelaous of her!! knew this was scripted, especially the way she strutted off...back to the song, it was very emotional and very well sung...9/10

i got the girl - interesting osng this, down my end, whihc was right - when looking at the stage - i herad groans whne the song started...but really, i htink it was agreta performance, really souped up when jon told us about this dream he had, helped the fans take to the song more, and it was a greta fast, jumpy track...i do feel for jon tho, he wrote it for his daughter, and ppl dont like it, hahahaha...still shows how much he controsl the band, wonder if richie done the same, would it be on the album??? nope...8.5/10

captain crash & B Q from mars - thsi was classssssss, my honey is a beauty queen from mars so i really loev dthis!! its such a fun fun song, really good, and it was veyr well started when jon mentioned he 'saw tennis players, laywers,a nd captainn carshhhhh an dthe beautyyy queeeen from marssssssss' a very top song whne doen live...9/10

just olde r- one of my fave tracks from crush, this was really well sung, and he fans really got into it, sounded quite cowboy ish, espcially the solo, whihc i liked, actually the solo was slightly slower, which actually worked, greta song...9/10

wil in the streets - top song, very fast and fun, a real crowd pleaser!..8.5/10

blae of glory - surprised to hera this, but very much enjoyed it, powerful andcompelling live track...touch to similar to origianl tho...8.5/10

lay your hands on me - absouloutelyy amazinggggg, tico rocked here he really did, he amost broke the drums in half!!! richie solo was nothing short of spectacular!!!..10/10

keep the faith - bets tarck done i believe, had sypmathy for the evil with this,a nd it was just so awesoem, very compelling song, quite darka nd very menaignful.....briallint, this really made the whole concert, everything was jus so perfect, when t tico and rchie bring the song to a standtsill, then jon slowly picks it back up....utterly AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEE....1110/10

bad medince - brilaint, real greta fun thissong, badddd medicineeeeeeeee......9/10

ill be there for you - ahhhh, this osng wa sjust terrif, up there with keep he faith...briallint veriso, slightly extended too......very heratfelt when every1 kept on sing 'whoa whoa whoa'...sighhhhhhhh..10/10

say it isnt so - surprisingly very very good live, had alot of power here, seemed to fit the setlist very well, good job in making this osund great guys!.9/10

ill sleep when im dead - excellenttttt, very mcuh hope dto hera this live, truely a greta song ot hera live!...9/10

tequlai twist and shou t- greta fun songs, the band enjoye dthis sooooo muc!hehe....8.5/10

soemday ill be saturday night - briallint, such a reflective song......fantsically apled, loev djon's story.....very awesome and well done....10/10

wanted dead or alive - i actually thought this wa sthe last song!!! brilllaint stuff, bon jovi at their best, great atmosphere created by david, and richie and jon took it into another level...9/10

prayer - after chnats of 'we want paryer' we finally go tit!! oh yeha oh yeah!! veyr similar to the origianl, but brilalintly done!!! wot a crowd pleaser, perfetc end to a perfect night....brillint stuff....10/10

thanks for the bets night guys!!! the fire wokrs during the sngs were great, and everything was so so well polished. jon was a brillaint showman on stage, richie just knew hes da mannnnn, tico looked lik he was ready to kill someone, david semed to be havinga party with himslef, and hugh held it all together wit da bassss...ther eis no doubting, taht the guys have got better live, their singing is better, their working of the crowd is just perfect, and their music is just so well oiled...briallint, engaging stuff, see them as soon as you can :)


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