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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 18 June 2001
Totally Awsome!!

A review by Jay /

Well we got there for about 5, but we actually got into Milton Keynes at 3, but were stuck on those damn roundabouts for 2 hours in the worst traffic jam ever. we finally parked, and went straight to the merch, where i bought 3 t's, as delirious were playing - deeper. i know when quite well, as i listen to some of their stuff a few weeks before hand. We got down and had a drink, and were then in a crowd of ppl while delirious finished. Just before matchbox (whom i also know very well and they rock) some ppl had moved away to get some drinks n stuff, so we made our way quite close to the stage. matchbox did a good set, but most of their songs arent released here, as the new record isnt out yet. i think i was the only one there who knew all their songs, as i bought the new record last august in the states.
Then comes the guys, just after 8. The opening sequence was amazing, with the satellite and the hotel lift, and wow, it really got the crowd going. then straight into one wild night, 3 hours and 3 encores later, livin' on a prayer - which we had all waited for, was finally played. Jon had his mind set on performing a ballad of the song, but the crowds wanted otherwise, with 65,000 ppl all shouting out the original version. he then stopped, and belted out the original with the guys.
I also did notice that something seemed to be up with richie though. maybe he was feeling a bit down or hayfeverish or something.
the gig rocked, the only downer was waiting from 12 till quarter past 1 in some field with everyone trying to all get out at the same time, and not only that but to wait another 2 hours with pile ups right from roundabout 1 to about 4,000,000 - they really like their roundabouts dont they!! Maybe they should have organised it better, come on milton keynes!
Anyway! that wasnt enough, certainly to spoil the best and single only ONE WILD NIGHT! Thanks a lot guys, and please come to the UK again SOON! Hopefull with a new album of new songs? Lets all hope for a sequal of These Days or New Jersey.
Keep the Faith Ppl.

Jy :~)

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