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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 18 June 2001
Ohh yeh (Ohh yeh), Oooohhh Yehhhh (Oooohhh Yehhhh)

A review by Yer man

At the front of the unenclosed crowd four good friends stood, jumped, danced and swayed at the Milton Keynes Bowl. Three bands, one stage and a venue not far from home provided probably the best concert they had ever seen (well at least for three of them)!

Pink sleeves and vigorous microphone waving soon had the group in a state of delirium. Then the two blokes joined 18 other people in a small cardboard box used to contain people who knew who the second support band were. All four were now warmed, dried and ready to be rocked.

The huge screen lit and the crowd went crazy for the sound of… lift music!?! The doors slid open and five familiar faces smiled into the audience. We knew we were about to be shown how riotous and untamed the night could be. In the next few hours we elevated our upper appendages, saw the leader of collisions, got caught in a triumphant inferno and even became outlaws drinking a popular Mexican spirit. We acquired a young female, maintained our beliefs and in the end we found the source of our livelihood was an address to God.

Thanks Bon Jovi for a fantastic evening!

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