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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 18 June 2001
WOW, WOW, WOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!

A review by Eve. /

All I can say is WHAT A DAY! The best!

We queued to get wristbands from 7AM & apart from the lack of organisation of which gate to go to, the distance to go & the uncontrolled near riot when we were first let in (caused by a few stupid, selfish fans pushing everyone) it was worth it.

We got a spot on the front barrier to the left of Ritchie & got some fantastic photos ( Adam Gaynor, guitarist in MB20 who had excellent interaction with the audience stopped & posed for my camera whilst playing & I have one of Jon that looks like he's looking down for the camera while singing, but you can't really tell because of those damn sunglasses that he teased us with saying he knows we hate him wearing them before throwing them into the audience, then describing the little boxer shorts we would have him wearing if we had our way! Major swoon time!). The organisation at Huddersfield however was spot on.

Delirious & MB20 were excellent starters & everyone was in a great mood despite the weather! Of the two shows I went to this year this was, in my opinion, the best even though when at Huddersfield I thought it couldn't get better. They belted out song after song faultlessly (as usual!), classics as well as newer hits, for the best of three
heavenly hours. Jons voice & the guys playing were as strong from begining to end. There was a funny spot where Ritchie pulled the lead to his guitar out but it didn't throw them at all. Jon was joking & talking to the audience a lot more than Wednesdays concert. Jon even managed to wear his "teacosy" hat well - he looked so cute!
When Jon left the stage he looked as though he didn't have the energy to walk, but they all had the hugest grins on their faces! Don't know how they do it night after night, they must be SUPER FIT.
I'm just starting to feel normal again, nearly 48 hours later, after the usual high you get from going to one of their shows. We took four people who had never been to one of their shows before & they were instantly converted & will go in future!
The crowd organisation to exit the Bowl & the traffic to get to the M1 were again awful but still didn't spoil a day watching the best band in the world.

Lets hope they tour again next year, as long as they don't wear themselves out completely!

From myself & all the fans a HUGE THANK YOU for a great tour, the best.

Eve. xxx

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