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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 18 June 2001
xxxx BON JOVI ROCK xxxx

A review by harp /

i don't know were to start it was really great. it was my second bon jovi concert and they were both wicked.

i had been looking foward to the concert since ages and when i found out that matchbox twenty were also going to be there i was deleriously happy! as i am also a massive fan of theirs nearly as massive as bon jovi but not quite. rob looked well nice and he sang even better (if thats possible).

then bon jovi came on WOW WOW WOW HOW FIT IS JON. they were amazing and got the crowd going wild with one wild night. i don't think there was one person there who was not enjoying it. if there were peple who did not like the show they are lying or insane (in a nice way). the setlist was amazing the only addition i would have would be runaway and these days but i would not swap them for any of the songs they sang. faves were blaze of glory, i'll sleep when i'm dead and livin on a prayer, which finished the show in the best way it could. i could write so much more but i would be here forever and ever.

I think the venue was good but they could of improved on the traffic because i was all danced out but still had to wait ages to get out of the traffic.


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