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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 19 June 2001
Wild Night or what?! They rocked!!!

A review by Melly /

Well, what can I say?

That was the second Bon Jovi concert I have been to, and I can tell you I was not let down by them. I was doubting whether they would live up to my expectations of their last gig (Britannia Stadium, Stoke - my home town!) but they exceeded them by far! People sometimes say to me that I can't possibly appreciate Bon Jovi as I am only 17, and I wasn't around when they started out, but ever since I was old enough to remember, Bon Jovi was played constantly in my home. I think this is the reason why I like them so much, and just can't get enough of them. I didn't think too much of the support acts, as they were American and we didn't really know them well enough, but as soon as Bon Jovi graced the stage, it was worth the 3 hour drive from Stoke, and the 6 hour wait actually at the Bowl. We must have been extra lucky too, as we managed to get into the venue with booze, and I know that so many people had it taken off them. With the set list packed with older songs and newer songs, it made Saturday night the best night I've had in a while! I was aware all the way through that 'Livin On A Prayer' had not been played, but it was the best possible way to end the best posible show. Jon was in a great mood, and the woman who got to dance on stage with him was soooooooooooooooooooooo lucky! The songs were greta, the audience of 65,000 were happy, and throughout the night they could be heard singing their favourite Bon Jovi songs at the top of their voices. I was well impressed, and that is not the last concert I'm going to. I just hope that they come back and do loads more.

The only letdown of the night, was that the organisation for transport after the gig was terrible. We were staying at a campsite 10 miles away, and our shuttle coach had arranged to pick us up in the driveway into the bowl. However, we were somewhat challenged by th policemen outside who told us that if we didn't go to the coach park, then we wouldn't get back. We tried to tell them that this was where we were getting picked up, but there were having none of it. They were arrogant, and a total waste of time. We had to find our coach by ourselves, which WAS where it was supposed to be, NOT on the coach park!

But I suppose it was all worth it, just to see my favouritist band in the world. Keep the Faith, Bon Jovi.


P.S. I must also say a massive thank-you to my boyfriend Darren, for buying the tickets and surprising me for my birthday. It was the best birthday present ever. I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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