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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 20 June 2001

A review by Suzz

This was the first Bon Jovi concert I have been too, it won't be the last though. I've always thought the music was okay but have never been overboard. I went with two friends one who felt the same as me although she has seen them live before and the other friend, KK, who is a confirmed ROCK CHICK. The comment she keeps throwing back at me is "JBJ is okay I suppose, but he doesn't really do it for me" which basically is what I've been saying to her for the last 11 months. Well I now understand what it's all about.

The warm up was okay, Delirious stopped you thinking about how cosy the standing arrangements were and then Matchbox twenty came on and you stopped thinking about whether it was going to carry on raining.

The entrance of Bon Jovi made me completely forget that I was here to watch my mate enjoy watching her hero and the boys. I have never never screamed, jumped, shouted or sang as loudly or as much ever in my life. Jon has such a stage presence that just puts a grin on your face from ear to ear. That cowboy hat, mmmmmmmmmm what a finishing touch. I have never heard anyone play better live than they do on the recordings.

This won't be the last time I go see them. My husband has now told me to shut up 3 times and everyone at work is getting a bit tired of me bursting into song. I can only blame KK for this, she knew what she was taking us to see and she didn't warn me how absolutely bloody fantastic it was going to be. I am hooked completely. Dead or Alive, You Give Love a Bad Name, One Wild Night, oh I could go on. I have now "borrowed" her One Wild Night CD which is in my car and being played constantly, even my daughter is singing along. The next time I go to see him though I will be wearing a wrist band, that is for definate. I could go on and on forever about this. The whole band of course was responsible for the music but Jon has the charm, flirting skills and all round sex appeal that made the whole evening what is was. I was reminded me that it started to rain at one point and I hadn't even realised.

I'm going now as I better get some work done. KK I'm holding you entirely responsible for anything that realted to Bon Jovi that happens from now on.

Suzz xx

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