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16 June 2001 - Milton Keynes, England, UK Concert Review 22 June 2001

A review by Laura /

Wow.......Thats all I can say at the moment!! It has taken me this long to manage to come down to earth after the excitement of that WILD NIGHT!!!!

It was my first ever Bon Jovi concert and I had been counting down for seven months! But it was DAMN well worth the wait. We arrived at the bowl at about 2.30 and when I saw all the people there I began to panic....My friends and I looked like we were the youngest people there (we're 15). We quickly made our way through the crowds and up to the stadium, then found a place about 12 rows from the front and sat down!

The supports acts were pretty good! Matchbox 20 were OK but delerious were excellent! I couldn't see very well coz we were extremely small compared to everone else!

When Bon Jovi came on I nearly fainted! They started with one wild night playing the introduction tune as the screen showed the boys coming up in the lift. When they appeared on stage the crowd went wild! All the songs they played were excellent and I screamed my head off and jumped up and down to all of them (by the end of the night I had no voice and I was nackered but who cares) at the end of wanted dead or alive (my fave) they left the stage and the whole crowd began singing Livin' on a prayer, I dont think we were gonna let 'em leave without singing it! The atmosphere when they returned to the stage to pley Livin' on a prayer was just magical!

It was the best night of my life and i cant wait till the next time Bon Jovi hit the UK!!! ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv Laura xx

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