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22 June 2001 - Stuttgart, Germany Concert Review 24 June 2001
Heaven couldnīt be better!

A review by Eise /

When we arrived in Stuttgart with the bus and I saw the whole crowd walk by to the area, I couldnīt believe that we coult get a good place. But I was wrong. We stood 20 m away from stage. I could see everything about the stage and the bands. So I was disappointed for the girls around us guys because they were a little smaller so they havenīt a good view. Well, thatīs life.

The support act starts to play at 18.25 (at first Southside Johnny with band and than Stereophonics). Well, theyīve done their job. If Iīd say they were great, Iīve lied. But they wasnīt bad.

During the break the rodies took away the covers from the Empire State-Satge - the whole crowd was enthusiastic about that.

And than the big show started at 20.30. You know the story with the elevator, so I donīt tell it once more.

When the guys get out on stage the audience get wild. A huge storm of screaming, clapping hands... Jon and the guys played fantastic! I never thought that they would play so a great setlist! (O.K. if they had played Blood On Blood, Bed Of Roses, Runaway and Always too, it would have been the greates show that godīs earth ever had seen I think!) I canīt discribe the sight of the Empire State-Stage by night... It looked so fantastic in all colours - you could forget the CRUSH-stage from last year, I swear!
During Keep The Faith and Lay Your Hands On Me it gaves fireworks - looked realy great.
You got the impression that the guys realy enjoy it to play for us. Jon once joked that he would leave Jersey and come to Stuttgart - to this great crowd. Richie and David smiled all time and Tico seemed totaly relaxed.

After the second encore, they would leave the stage. But no chance guys! All the people down the stage started the Laola-wave and screamed and shouted that they want more. I donīt remind after which song Jon asked "Do you havenīt still enought?" - You know the answer. 60 - 70.000 people screamed "NO". So they played the last encores with Mistery Train and an awesome Iīll Be There For You - the whole stage was turn in red and the audience sang the chorus and the "whao oh, whao oh - oh" after - so long. It was realy GREAT!

This was my second BON JOVI - concert but Iīm sure it wasnīt my last. If they come anytime back to Germany, Iīm there...

P.S. Greatings to the girl Iīve lift up to my shoulders, so that she can make a good picture ;-)

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