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Just checking.

Originally Posted by Iceman View Post
Yeah, two mouse clicks. It's exhausting.

Click on AdBlocks icon -> click on "Disable on".

We have a winner! Hey genius! Jon taught you the power of "we" but apparently your teachers failed to teach you the power of "not"
Originally Posted by Old Joysey
Not working for TV channels
Want/need more details? In France you can watch TV for free on your computer but you have to accept ads or else it doesn't work. When you connect to any TV channel a pop-up tells you that you need to turn down your adblock software if you want to watch TV. Changing the settings in the ad block software won't do. If I wrote "Not working for TV channels" it's because it DOES NOT WORK, plain and simple, is it so hard to understand???!!! And don't tell me to stop watching TV on my computer: I'm surfing the internet only while I'm "watching" TV. Multi-tasking? Yeah, always!

NB: am I the only one who noticed there were porn ads among all this sh!t? Who knows what cookies or spywares are invadingmy hard disk now whenever I connect to Jovitalk! I foresee a big clean up on the family 'puter tomorrow!
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