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Default 7800 Fahrenheit a great album

How can you lot not rate this album?
I get the feeling most of you either liked Jovi from either “Prayer” upwards, 2001 upwards or you are just too young?
For those who remember this album coming out it ROCKS. It did then and it does now.
I was about 8 or 9 when the album came out and my cousin had it – he got me into metal/rock.
As soon as I heard it my ears pricked up and I was hooked on Rock music.
I find it funny now when I talk to people (who supposedly love Jovi) that they think SWW was the first album and Prayer was the first single.
Let me tell you why its one of their best.
Guitar – Some of Richie’s best riffs and solos are on this album.
Drums – some of Tico’s best beats
Lyrics – naïve, mature, gullible and superb all rolled into one.
Jons Voice – A true Rock voice. Was only ever really heard again on SWW, NJ & KTF
The best of the songs – The Price of Love, Only Lonely, Silent Night Tokyo Road, The Hardest part is the night, secret dreams, Always run to you -some of their finest work.

ok the production could have been better but then again so could have Motleys Shout...and Too fast for Love but they too are cant have everything....

Just because the band don’t like it don’t mean you should copy them – open your ears and listen to one of the best Bon Jovi albums………………….
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