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It is a really good album, albeit a little uneven. There are (IMO) some great songs (Price Of Love, Only Lonely, Hardest Part Is The Night), some really good songs (In & Out Of Love, To The Fire, Silent Night), some pretty good songs (King Of The Mountain, Always Run To You, Tokyo Road), and one song that I don't like (Secret Dreams). None of the songs however are quite as awesome as Prayer or Wanted, and it hasn't got the feel of a band firing on all cylinders like the next two albums would, so it falls down slightly there.

I'm gonna sneakily take this oppurtunity to link to the extremely long review of it I did about a year ago, for anyone who might be interested:

Sometimes you can just lay down
You can play the game
You can take the cards that they deal ya
And you can just pretend it's all over
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