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Originally Posted by Stranger
Originally Posted by Jag
Originally Posted by Stranger
1. Jag is a nut!

2. 7800
all illustrators are :P
That's real good

First I was just joking, I didn't really want to attack you personally.
But to get back to the serious point. I'm really tired of this "To say something negative about "Bon Jovi" and "7800" = say something positive about Bj because you deny their hard rock roots"
dont get me wrong i think they are good albums on a guitar level, lots of great rock licks and solos. and i do like to hear the youth running wild there sometimes but i find it very very raw...i just prefer all the other albums is, perhaps i can relate better to them i guess and i think muscially they are better put together. also i found the first album rather typcial cliched rock music in that time u know?

just my view is all...

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